Searching for The Perfect Diet

How many times have you thought “This is it ! This time, I’m really going to stick to it !” ? It’s ok. You don’t have to answer that. If you’re reading this post, I’ll guess that it’s more than once.
And then, a few weeks later, that diet has grounded to a halt. 

The cravings, the slip-ups, the weariness of constantly watching over yourself like a hawk have led you again to that final conclusion. “The one that wasn’t the right diet for me after all !There’s no way I’ll try that again !”


So where to go from there ? That is THE question!

It’s not as if there aren’t enough choices of diets around.


In fact, there are so many choices of diets that a simple quick scan on the internet can leave you feeling dizzy !

There are Low-carb diets. … Low-fat diets. …High-fat diets … High-protein diets … Counting-calorie diets … Counting-points diets … Counting-hours diets…

You might even say “there’s an over-abundance of diets !”

                                                   “There’s an over-abundance of diets !”

In fact, there are so many out there that there’s enough for people to hop from one to another for years on end. And that can be what happens.


In their efforts to lose weight or to stay slim, some people can spend more or less all their life on different types of restricted diet. Moving from one to another. Then moving back and forth. This one, that one. On and on…

 Is that how it is for you ? Or is it like that for someone you’re close to ? Or there again, maybe it’s the total opposite.


 Perhaps you’ve decided to abandon the whole project , saying to yourself “It’s all too much for me !” 

If that is you, I hear you.

Do you tell yourself and everyone else ” I just eat what I want !”? It’s true that for some people, everything just can fall into place. They have no problems around food or with their body. And if that’s you, that’s great ! Then, you don’t really need to read the rest of this article.

But, if it’s not you, or if for someone close it isn’t them either, then please read our next article about Sacrificing our Lives to Eating Challenges.


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