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About Me

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I have a Master II in Cognitive Sciences and I’m bilingual in French and English. After over 30 years experience as a teacher in the French and UK Education Systems, interacting with people of all ages taught me so much. I learned that if people are to live full and satisfying lives, it can sometimes be necessary to overcome problems which are pulling them down. To better help peopleI decided to pursue my own learning.  I am now trained to help people of all ages with different problems affecting daily life. This includes deep level work with problems related to trauma and abuse.

Having overcome difficulties in my own life, I saw how much I benefited from being able to work with a therapist trained in The Person Centered Approach. Accepted as I was, I was accompanied empathically and non-judgementally and progressed at my own pace. Growing in confidence as I made my own choices, I found that the satisfaction in my life had increased. The strength of this approach convinced me to train in The Person Centered Approach too. 

All my subsequent trainings have stemmed from this Approach. My aim has been to develop my therapeutic skills so that I can now offer you a range, in accordance with your needs. 

And now…

You can make an appointment by phoning +33 (0) or sending an email to janice@la-psy.com